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 Payroll introduction online training

Payroll Introduction

This online programme combines the content from the one-day Basic Tax & NIC course and delivers it in an exciting and convenient way over a three week period. You're also provided with a comprehensive manual to use in conjunction with the online material.


3 Week - Online Course: £222.00 + VAT


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Payroll assistant online qualification 

Payroll Assistant - Step 1

Foundation Award in Basic Payroll Competence


This practical 7 week online learning programme shows you how to understand - and apply - the requirements of the UK tax and NICs system, complete a manual payroll calculation from gross pay to net pay, and produce a payslip.


7 Week - Online Course£558.00 + VAT


The first part of a 14 or 23 week course taking you through to Payroll Technician or Payroll Advanced Technician (see below).


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 payroll technician elearning course

Payroll Technician - Step 2

BTEC Advanced Certificate Level 3 in Payroll Techniques


This 7-week module builds on the learning content of the Payroll Assistant course.  It is aimed at those wanting to enhance their knowledge of payroll techniques who have successfully completed the online assessment of the Payroll Technicians course.  Those wishing to gain a formally recognised Payroll qualification can then take the BTEC/Edexcel Advanced Certificate in Payroll Techniques.

The course covers common problem areas including deductions from wages, recovering overpayments, and the payment of expenses and holiday pay. This course also covers statutory payments, maternity, paternity, adoption adn sick pay as well as leave entitlements and much more. An overview is included of the impact on payroll of other legislation, including Working Time Regulations, the National Minimum Wage Act, and the Asylum and Immigration Act.

7 Week - Online Course : £675.00 + VAT


Available as:

1. A 14 Week - online course incorporating Payroll Assistant, Payroll Technician 

2. Part of a 23 Week - online course incorporating Payroll Assistant, Payroll Technician, Payroll Advanced Technician 

3. 7 Week online course for those that have already completed Payroll Assistant- Step 1 and wishing to obtain a BETEC/Edexcel Advance Certificate level 3 in Payroll Techniques


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Payroll advanced Technician online training

Payroll Advanced Technician - Step 3

BTEC Advanced Certificate in Payroll Procedures

9 Week - Online Course: £899.00 + VAT 


Available as:

1. A 23 Week Online Course incorporating Payroll Assistant, Payroll Technician, Payroll Advanced Technician 

2. As a 9 Week Online Course for those that have completed Payroll Assistant and Payroll Technician and wish to obtain a BETEC/Edexcel Advanced Certificate in Payroll Proceedures


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Payroll supervisor elearning course

Payroll Supervisor - Step 4

BTEC Certificate in Payroll Management


This qualification prepares you for the more demanding role of a payroll supervisor by increasing your knowledge of payroll compliance with employment status, national minimum wage and working time regualtions issues. They will also investigate strategies for minimising fraud, managing data protection and staff development.  More and more employers require professionally qualified staff when recruiting for payroll supervisor vacancies, and this online learning programme uses an easy, step-by-step approach, ensuring that each delegate learns by example and practice.

26 Weeks - Online Course: £1696 + VAT

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Payroll manager online course

Payroll Manager - Step 5

BTEC Diploma in Payroll Management


Prepare yourself for the demanding role of a payroll manager. This course follows on from the payroll supervisors’ course, and is for candidates who want to develop their careers in payroll management.  It focuses on developing the individual's own management skills as well as the managememnt of recoursces. This online learning programme uses an easy, step-by-step approach, ensuring that you learn by example and practice.

26 Weeks - Online Course: £1696 + VAT


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