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The Learn Centre are delighted to present a series of live, interactive webinars delivered by the UK’s leading Payroll & HR Expert Tutors - directly to your desktop!


Highly topical in focus, these short webinars will introduce you to best practice for tackling key issues and challenges facing payroll professionals today.


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 Holiday Pay - Introductory Webinar -  Free

 Monday - 3rd August 2015 - 12:30 BST (Duration - 45 Mins)







Recently there has been a great deal of change to legislation impacting on the way holiday pay is calculated. Many companies are not sure what they should do to stay compliant and some are not even aware of the extent of the changes.


Invest 45 minutes of your day to view this live webinar, hosted by Ken Gurr, and find out how the issues impact payroll, HR teams and others with a responsibility for determining holiday entitlement.


This free webinar is a brief introduction to our half day course on holiday pay (it is not a replacement for the course). The half day course will arm you with a comprehensive set of materials and tips to help you remain compliant when determining entitlement to leave and pay.


The webinar will explore some of the legal issues surrounding the subject of holiday pay and give you a flavour of what to expect from the half day Holiday Pay Essential Update Course.



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